Silos, vertical and horizontal tanks

Amphora is a calculation tool for the design of fibre-reinforced plastic silos and tanks. Amphora uses highly specialised models to calculate and optimise construction variables for silos, vertical and horizontal tanks, according to EN13121. With Amphora, you can go through step-by-step geometry and load calculations as you build up your silo. With the click of a button, you can optimise your calculations according to the EN 13121 standard. Experienced users can make silo and tank calculations in 10 minutes or less! After you have built up your vessel, Amphora will generate a full report that can be used to produce your product or for making accurate client quotations.

Materials list

In Amphora, you can create a database in the materials list with your own material properties. Each user has the possibility to specify their own unique materials that will be used to construct the tank or silo. This allows for standardisation.

Client testimonial

“I believe Amphora is a user-friendly tool that allows users to quickly and easily get an idea of loads and thicknesses that will be used. We often use the resulting reports as the basis of our technical file. With the combination of the tool, the quick accessibility, and the helpfulness of Solico, any uncertainties are quickly eliminated. This way you can quickly obtain a reliable, customized solution for most challenges. I am looking forward to the renewed version!” - Ruben De Heldt, Mechanical Designer & Project leader at M.I.P. Group

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Dante Rogiest

Amphora Specialist
Dante Rogiest