Advanced composite engineering

Thanks to our independence from production methods and materials, we can think outside the box to surprise you with highly effective, but simple and smart solutions.

With over 2000 projects designed and built, Solico knows the tricks of the trade when it comes to composite engineering. We have a vast multidisciplinary network which enables us to anticipate and think in terms of providing solutions quickly.

Concept design

Concept design is a stage in every project of Solico where we test designs. Here we make sure that every design is safe and future proof. We get to that Go/NoGo decision as fast as possible, with the least amount of resources while giving a clear forecast of the potential of your project.

Detail verification

Is your project a "Go"? This is the time to think of a thousand details: Production methods, feasibility, reference projects, weight estimates, cost estimates and much more. Our experience ensures a fast turn-around time for each project.

Our engineers check every layer and every direction of your future composite product. We leave nothing to chance. By knowing your market and industry, Solico understands when to optimise for weight, and when to optimise for costs!

Design for production

If all goes well, your product is ready for production. Finding a suitable production partner is the first step. Having an engineer that knows production is a must! Solico engineers regularly visit production companies to upgrade their knowledge and experience. When we do, you will find us in working clothes and hands-on! We don't just get theoretical training! 

Second opinion

Solico's extensive combined experience of over 130 years and over 2000 products makes us the ideal partner when in need of a second opinion. Being technical and to-the-point, solution-oriented and practical. Our second opinions are not for judging but help all parties to realise the best designs.


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Doenan Mager

Business Unit Manager
Doenan Mager