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With composites, Architects can create complete free-formed shapes and different finishes and textures for structural facades. Solico has extensive experience in the structural engineering of such architectural elements, and for example, the approval processes involved. 

Composite engineering for Architecture

Our knowledge and expertise allow such structures to move from Architectural design, through plan approval and into production faster and more efficiently. In addition, Solico frequently supports the end-user by providing independent supervision and quality assurance of production facilities.

Our specialisation is composite engineering. We believe composites can make a difference in the Architectural world, because of their many advantages:

  • Composites are lightweight and extremely strong. Therefore:
    - Installation is faster and easier, using less crane capacity
    - The structures impose less load on the foundations of the building
  • The coefficient of thermal expansion of facades can be influenced by amending fibre types and orientation, matching, for example, their substructure.
  • Composites provide unique appearances, such as matt and high gloss painted metallic paints, wrapped surfaces and fire-proof painted surfaces.
  • The cycle time of series-produced components is commonly lower than traditional materials, creating scheduling benefits.
  • Composites are virtually maintenance-free, and corrosion-resistant;

In summary, composites can turn every complex design into reality. Check all the benefits of composites.

All benefits

Solico provides services such as engineering, quality testing via our lab and the possibility for an office on siteFor more information, please contact us.

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Strength assessment and structural verification 'Defeat the Waterwolf' - Madurodam

Strength assessment and structural verification 'Defeat the Waterwolf' - Madurodam

The life-size pumping station in Madurodam is a replica of the Cruquius pumping station, used in the Netherlands to drain lakes and reclaim land. This replica has 6m long 'cast-iron' look glass fibre reinforced composite arms that move the pumps. 

Customer: Nedcam

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The composite Quay bridge for Umicore, Hoboken

The composite Quay bridge for Umicore, Hoboken

Together with Vink BVBA, Solico worked on the quay bridge for Umicore. The bridge is 120 meters long and is made 100% of composite material. The bridge is composed of several parts which were assembled using bolts, nuts and connection profiles. 

Customer: Vink BVBA

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The composite roof of Yitzhak Rabin Memorial Centre, Tel Aviv

The composite roof of Yitzhak Rabin Memorial Centre, Tel Aviv

The 5 roofs, designed to look like dove wings, were not achievable using conventional materials. The option of using concrete material measured over 1m in thickness. This would have resulted in far too much weight for the building to sustain. 

Customer: Holland Composites

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