Quality testing of FRP composites

Thanks to our lab’s capacity for quality testing and assurance, it’s possible to analyse the condition of composite materials. We will check if they meet the given requirements and perform as expected.

Composites are known for their excellent durability. Nevertheless, we are frequently asked to verify the performance of a structure, after many years of service.

An alternative request we frequently receive is to assure that products are built to the quality standards required.

We can assist with such queries, in the following ways:

  • Burning off resin from FRP samples. This way, we can determine the exact composition, lay-up, and quality of a composite structure.
  • Test samples are manufactured or taken from products to conduct destructive testing, such as tensile, compression, and shear. This is to verify mechanical properties.
  • Non-destructive test methods are also available, such as Laser Shearography. In this way, the thicknesses, ply continuity and hidden defects can be traced.

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Doenan Mager

Business Unit Manager
Doenan Mager