With more than 30 years of experience in Defence and Maritime, we still try to surpass ourselves every day with a more elegant or lighter solution in the smartest way possible.

Composite engineering for Maritime applications

Whether the focus of your project is on cost efficiency, high-end design or lightweight solutions for better performance, with in-depth calculations, our team knows how to create a high-quality basis that is class proof. We have a vast multidisciplinary network which enables us to anticipate and think in terms of providing solutions quickly. This experience ensures a fast turn-around time for each project. Also, Solico assists in purchasing decisions through advice and support to ensure that the quality remains extremely high.

Our specialisation is composite engineering. We are a massive fan of composites because we believe that this material offers many advantages to the maritime world:

  • Composites are lightweight and extremely strong. Therefore, the lightweight solution allows a vessel to:
    - Be faster
    - Extend range by reducing fuel consumption
    - Be able to carry more cargo for transport or other materials.
  • Composites are radar transparent: The solution protects a radar without affecting the vision.
  • Composites are easy to maintain and corrosion-resistant.

In summary, composites are cost-effective and can turn every complex design into reality. Check all the benefits of composites.

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Solico provides services such as engineering, quality testing via our lab and the possibility for an office on site.

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Solico and Structor Engineering join forces to develop unique 25m2 superyacht cinema screen

Solico and Structor Engineering join forces to develop unique 25m2 superyacht cinema screen

Solico is proud to announce our latest collaboration, providing composite engineering support to Structor Engineering B.V. for the development of a unique 25m2 outdoor cinema screen. 

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Coen Meerbach