Solico performed, in close cooperation with Contest Yachts, the structural design and analysis for the Contest 62 CS and 42 CS sailing yachts. Both yachts received a Lloyd's Register Design Approval. 

The Contest 42 CS won the European Yacht of the Year 2014 award in the category "Luxury Cruiser" after a complete structural redesign by Solico.


The specific weight of composites varies between 1.5 and 2.0 compared to 2.7 to 7.8 for aluminium and steel.

Chemical/corrosion resistance

Composite materials are resistant to a lot of chemical products such as acids, hydroxides, crude oil, etc. Corrosion resistance against salt and seawater is excellent.

Freedom of geometry

Double curved shapes are easily produced in composite materials at almost no extra cost. For production of limited series the relatively low moulding costs are an additional benefit.


Slender constructions and seamless fa├žades are examples of aesthetics driven design. These type of structures are impossible to construct with traditional materials.

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