GRP sea outfall couplings

GRP couplings are used to assemble HDPE pipe sections into an 11 km long sea outfall pipeline. The pipeline consists of several sections of HDPE pipe with an outer diameter of 1600 mm and a wall thickness of 61 mm. Each pipe section has a length of approximately 550 meter. Solico developed the concept of the GRP couplings to withstand the forces during installation and to provide maintenance and leak free couplings between the HDPE pipe sections during its design life. The result is a coupling that connects the pipe sections without using any metal parts.

Van Oord N.V.
Chemical/corrosion resistance

Composite materials are resistant to a lot of chemical products such as acids, hydroxides, crude oil, etc. Corrosion resistance against salt and seawater is excellent.

Low maintenance

Steel structures typically require periodic maintenance such as conservation and paint systems to prevent corrosion. Composites are not susceptible to corrosion resulting in lower Life-cycle costs.

Cost effectiveness

Though composite materials themselves are slightly more expensive than metals, combining properties such as insulation and weight savings often results in a cost effective product.

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