Exterior façade - Municipal Office, Utrecht

Solico engineered the new exterior façade of the municipality of Utrecht. One of the challenges was to ensure the correct calculations for the different sizes of the façade panels. Upon completion, this construction was one of the largest composite façades in Europe (approx. 17,500 m2 comprising of 1,200 composite elements).

The various advantages of composite material such as lightweight, sustainability, freedom of geometry and fire resistance have been critical factors for this project. 


The specific weight of composites varies between 1.5 and 2.0 compared to 2.7 to 7.8 for aluminium and steel.

Integration of functions

By combining functions such as strength and insulation in one product, a composite solution is often more cost effective than the sum of traditional solutions.


Typical GRP lambda values are 1, compared to 50 for steel and 237 for aluminium, which results in excellent insulation properties.


Slender constructions and seamless façades are examples of aesthetics driven design. These type of structures are impossible to construct with traditional materials.

Chemical/corrosion resistance

Composite materials are resistant to a lot of chemical products such as acids, hydroxides, crude oil, etc. Corrosion resistance against salt and seawater is excellent.

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