Dashboard bulkhead – Luxurious camping car

Solico provided the expertise to build a 100% composite material dashboard bulkhead for the luxurious camping cars of Niesmann+Bischoff. This camping car is the first in its class with integrated airbags, ESP, seatbelt tensioner and a crash mechanism for the brakes. The added value of composite material can be demonstrated by its strength to withstand potential collision forces and accidents. This advantage has been clearly integrated in the specially designed pedestal and the bulkhead partition (firewall) in order to fulfill the maximum safety requirements. 

Niesmann+Bischoff GmbH
Freedom of geometry

Double curved shapes are easily produced in composite materials at almost no extra cost. For production of limited series the relatively low moulding costs are an additional benefit.


The specific weight of composites varies between 1.5 and 2.0 compared to 2.7 to 7.8 for aluminium and steel.

Integration of functions

By combining functions such as strength and insulation in one product, a composite solution is often more cost effective than the sum of traditional solutions.

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