Internship: Omikron OT60 superstructure / rooftop

1. Introduction

Solico Engineering provided the structural engineering for Olympic Marine’s Omiktron OT60. This is an award-winning long-distance cruiser of 60 ft. The lines have been drawing by reknown architect, Juan K.
Solico had the opportunity to redevelop hull laminates, hull structure, deck laminates and deck structure. The cantilevering canopy however, never met the requirements well. Time- and mould limitations disabled the ability to improve the design adequately.

An opportunity is arising to redevelop the whole structure. The aim is:
1) Obtain a structure that meets CE-certification
2) Remove 1 or possibly more existing pillars
3) Review the performance gain if additional pillars on the aft end are placed
4) Generate the associated laminate drawings (optional) 
5) Generate an alternative structure, utilizing carbon fiber in stead of glass fiber.

2. Background

Solico Engineering has provided the structural designs of 15 or more yachts in 2023, including the Omikron OT60. This is one of the largest cruisers Solico has worked on, and marks an important reference for the future.
The scope was focussed around optimising existing structure, within given moulds. That implies that geometrical changes were not possible, and resulted in a given structural lay-out of the canopy.

As it stands, Solico Engineering’s  team of engineers didn’t manage to get the cantilevering canopy to work effectively, due to discontinuity in the stiffening members. Weight saving was only possible in the rooftop (on top of the glass), the canopy didn’t comply with the requirements. Additionally, Olympic Marine has asked whether it is an option to remove the centreline column, at the forward edge of the canopy. This is something that needs to be reviewed.

3. Company

Founded over 30 years ago, Solico Engineering is Benelux’s largest composite engineering company, and proudly supports market leading composites manufacturers across a broad spectrum of Maritime, Defence, Civil & Architecture and Industrial markets. Always independent, and focused on smart, fit for purpose design, we commit to add value to every project we engineer.


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Carina Pereira

Management Assistant
Carina Pereira