Solico is an expert in composite construction design and stress analysis. With 30 years of experience, Solico has a broad understanding of customer requirements. Our designs contribute to the best possible performance for each vehicle.

Engineering for automotive

Our strength lies in our in-depth expertise in the engineering and composites markets. This experience ensures a fast turn-around time for each project. Thanks to our independence of production methods and materials, we are cost-effective, and the best design is always our primary focus. We have a large multidisciplinary network, allowing us to anticipate and think in terms of providing solutions quickly.

Most recently, we completed the (impact crash-) analysis and determined results effects of a composite vehicle, crashing into a solid object, as well as the roll-over of a composite vehicle.

Most of our solutions focus on design and engineering. However, we have possibilities to support in other directions, such as design and build, supervision and quality assurance, or Project Management. In a design and build case, we will design, engineer and provide the components. If we are asked to perform supervision and quality assurance roles, we can visit a manufacturer, review their performance and assure that the composite works are of the required quality. This will be done with the support of our in-house test lab.

With a specialism like ours, we are able to see the advantages of composites to the automotive industry:

  • Composites can be produced using biobased materials from renewable resources.
  • Composite materials are lightweight and extremely strong. 
  • Composites can be designed and fabricated to obtain high stiffness and low weight. The result is a faster vehicle with a better response.
  • Composites can also be designed for flexibility, providing more impact resistance when compared to other materials.
  • Design lighter and more agile vehicles
    - Reduce fuel consumption
    - Realise higher load volumes

In summary: Composites are very suitable for the optimisation of the performance of automotive. Check all the benefits of composites here.


Solico provides services such as engineeringquality testing via our lab and the possibility for an office on site. View the variety of Automotive cases here.

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Coen Meerbach