Composite engineering of the GRP Roof Structure - Centerparcs Aquamundo

The swimming pool environment is chemically aggressive. Even the most corrosion resistant steel types cannot cope with the temperature, humidity and chlorine fumes. GRP has very good corrosion resistance qualities and together with Buursema, Dantuma en Wegkamp and BIJL Profielen, Solico designed one of the largest single span GRP roof structures in the world to support the roof loads. 

Why are composites used here?

Low maintenance
Steel structures typically require periodic maintenance such as conservation and paint systems to prevent corrosion. Composites are not susceptible to corrosion, resulting in lower Life-cycle costs.

Chemical/corrosion resistance
Composite materials are resistant to a lot of chemical products such as acids, hydroxides, crude oil, etc. Corrosion resistance against salt and seawater is excellent.


How can you maximise the benefits of composites? 
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