Solico's Engineering Expertise in Canopy Design for Curveworks

Solico played a crucial role in optimizing a canopy structure for Curve Works, using advanced Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to ensure both durability and aesthetic appeal. The canopy had to comply with the Eurocode standards including national annexes for wind and snow loads, and the Dutch guidelines for composite materials in construction. Balancing these technical requirements while maintaining the aesthetic quality of the structure was a critical aspect of Solico's contribution.

Key Challenges and Solutions:
The main challenge was to achieve the optimal stiffness of the cantilever components, ensuring structural integrity while maintaining an attractive design. Solico addressed this by:

Modeling and Simulation:
• Conducted simulations to evaluate stress distribution and deformation under various load conditions.

Material Optimization:
• Explored different material combinations, including glass, carbon fibre, and unidirectional (UDI) composites.
• Optimised fibre orientation and distribution
• Selected materials based on their mechanical properties and visual appeal.

Compliance and Validation:
• Ensured the design met Eurocode and national annex requirements.
• Validated the structure against Dutch guidelines for composite materials.

Through meticulous analysis and optimization, Solico helped Curveworks achieve a canopy that was both compliant with regulations and aesthetically pleasing.