Solico launches Amphora engineering and design software for composite silos and tanks

Solico is proud to announce the launch of its Amphora software for the design, calculation and optimisation of composite storage tanks and silos. Composite materials are extensively used in the industrial and agricultural sectors to produce large, lightweight, corrosion-resistant, easy to install, and low maintenance silos and tanks for stored powders and liquids. In Europe, the design and workmanship of such above-ground storage tanks and vessels are typically defined by the EN 13121-3:2016 standard.

With a large portfolio of bespoke composite silo and tank engineering projects completed for leading manufacturers such as M.I.P Group, Solico now offers customers its in-house developed Amphora software, allowing GRP tank and vessel engineers to develop EN 13121 compliant designs based on their own materials and production parameters.
Solico’s new tank and silo design software provides engineers with a uniquely user-friendly and customizable tool to optimise tanks and silos, rapidly evaluating how dimensions, material selection and other factors can impact the component design and cost. Solico has also produced a comprehensive set of Amphora training videos to get new users up to speed and remains always available for any materials testing requirements or design engineering queries for non-standard structures outside the normal scope of the EN 13121 standard. Amphora’s GRP Silo module is available now with the GRP tank module planned for release later this year.

“Amphora was designed by engineers for engineers. It’s fast, easy to learn, and reliable. Amphora clearly displays all the critical data and provides easy access to extra information and insight into the key details when designing a product. If a client needs additional support, Solico is always on hand to assist.” Dante Rogiest, Lead Engineer and Amphora Specialist, Solico.

“Amphora is an extremely user-friendly tool that allows us to quickly and easily get an idea of design loads and laminate thicknesses that will be used. By using the new software, and with access to additional Solico engineering expertise, any uncertainties are soon eliminated. With Amphora we can rapidly obtain a reliable, customized, and engineered solution for just about any composite storage solution.” Ruben De Heldt, Mechanical Designer & Project leader, M.I.P Group.