Combining art and safety โ€“ the N34 reconstruction project

Solico Engineering has partnered with Advantage Composite B.V. to work on a 3-phase, ongoing N34 reconstruction project. This includes the reconstruction of multiple viaducts and underpasses on the N34 provincial road. The aesthetic design elements in this reconstruction were partly inspired by the natural landscapes that surround these structures. 

Many of the components designed for this project combine art and safety. Some of the components are made using a bio-based material that looks very similar to wood. Solico Engineering supported Advantage Composite B.V. by defining the properties of this new bio-material through an extensive test program in our LAB. The results were then used to engineer the required components through finite element calculations. Van Spijker Infrabouw is the main contractor for Phase 3.

Currently, phase 3 is ongoing with the Ermerweg underpass almost complete. The railing on the side acts as an aesthetical element and as a safety barrier. Because this part of the N34 will be partially accessible to the public, Solico had to calculate higher loads when designing this structure. Although Solico is well-known for our composite engineering, in this case we made calculations for steel as well. This resulted in a bio-composite outer cladding with a steel substructure. In addition to the Ermerweg underpass, phase 3 will also include the Klinkmolen viaducts. 

Phase 2 includes Staapharst and Brinkmade viaducts. Dura Vermeer Infra is the main contractor for Phase 2. Phase 1 consists of the underpasses de Bente, de Mars, and viaduct Valsteeg. Although the side of the Valsteeg viaduct may look like a work of art, it also acts as a structural element. The top handrail feature was designed according to European and national safety standards in order to withstand potential loads. The bio-based material used in the handrail barrier gives the cladding the aesthetically pleasing weathered appearance of COR-TEN steel. BAM Infra is the main contractor for Phase 1.


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