Lead Engineer Sara Krekel creates the Solico Toolkit

Sara Krekel, one of Solico’s lead engineers, knows that for engineers to do their best work, they must have all of their tools! However, she noticed that occasionally it was hard to find the tool she needed when she needed it. Sometimes the tools would vanish onto the desk of another colleague. Like a good engineer, Sara saw a problem and started thinking of a solution. In this moment, Sara created the original proposal for the Solico Toolkit! 

Thanks to Sara, now every engineer at Solico is given a backpack on their first day, fully stocked with all of the basic tools an engineer needs. 

Sara has always been fascinated with structures. Her father worked in the shipbuilding industry, and when she was little, she would accompany him to see the latest ships they were designing and fitting. This inspired her early interest in engineering. She has always wanted to make and create things. To pursue this interest, she studied mechanical engineering at the TU Eindhoven. She will celebrate her 5-year work anniversary at Solico this October.

“If you design something and later on get to see it built, it makes you proud!” says Sara. 
At Solico, our engineers are our greatest strength, and ideas from team members like Sara help us improve from within every day so that we can continue to find solutions for composites and more!