All-in-one helideck and swimming pool floor

Since that time, we have engineered eight similar floors for other yachts. Read all about this great project from our composite engineers. 

Landing a 5000 kg helicopter on a moveable composite structure is a significant challenge. Obtaining Class approval for such events is even harder. Solico has provided the designs for many yachts, some of which were reviewed by Class societies for approval. 

Solico engineering loves to help enable beautiful designs in the most efficient way possible. Designs for luxurious superyachts can have it all! 

Note: Sometimes our work takes place behind closed doors. Therefore the images used are similar to our projects, but do not belong to our clients.

Why are composites used here?

The freedom of shape allows creating complicated geometries. Additionally, composite floats effortlessly, so one only needs to hold it down to avoid it from drifting too far up.


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