Canopy and mast for yacht Broadwater

Rondal came to Solico for the structural engineering of this high-end construction. Stringent demands on the stiffness lead to most of the canopy and mast being made out of carbon fiber. In other locations, glass fiber laminates were specified to limit the blockage of signals to the various radars.

Besides doing structural verification, Solico was heavily involved in the construction and production details. A full drawings package was delivered including equipment integration details and even certified harness points!

The project was successfully delivered on-time and despite the challenging time-frame our engineers enjoyed every minute!

Why are composites used here?

Applying composites leads to significant weight savings compared to a metal structure. This improves the yachts stability and overall performance.

Radar Transparancy
Applying glass fibre in specific areas means the interference of radar and other signals was limited.

High stiffness
Carbon fibres unrivalled specific stiffness made it possible to meet the high demands on the stiffness of the structure, coupled with a low weight.


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