"Composites have always had my interest," recalls Solico founder Hans Muller. “I was a passionate sailor, frequently out at sea. I often asked myself how the different components of the yacht were calculated to withstand the forces of nature that it had to endure at sea. That intrigued me.”


In his early years as an engineer, Hans worked for different industries like the Ministry of Defence, Damen Shipyards and Poly Marin. "I have engineered all kinds of components for yachts, planes and vehicles, and it was incredibly interesting". Hans realised there was massive potential for composites in different markets. Then and there, he decided to start his own business.

In the early days of Solico, the company was still called Muller Consultancy. Many transport companies, aircraft manufacturers and shipyards also became customers. "In these sectors, it is vital to reduce weight; a lighter vehicle is faster or can carry more cargo. Composite is an excellent choice for this purpose", according to Hans. The number of projects grew, and other engineers ambitiously joined Solico early nineties. 

Today, Solico consists of a group of ambitious engineers. According to Hans, all employees have a collective strength: "A large part of the team have been working together for many years. All are highly involved, and there's little hierarchy among the people", Hans continues: "Everyone is eager and motivated, and the whole team is highly educated. That makes for a golden combination."

Hans closes the story: "Our solid theoretical knowledge is a great basis to fall out from, and combined with our practical experiences of composites, we can rapidly answer all queries related to the structural performance of composites."

Solico, smart solutions in composites. 


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