About us

Our primary focus is always the best design, which we can achieve as we are completely independent and have no relationship to any specific materials or production methods. Craftsmanship, enthusiasm, committed employees and more than 30 years of experience in composites creates a synergy that results in the best solution possible. 

Solico provides services such as engineering, quality testing via our lab and the possibility for an office on site.

Working method

We love to keep it simple. In every project, we try our very best to turn complex matters into simple, durable and cost-effective solutions. We always look for ways to improve the performance of the final result. That is where our strength lies. 

Our customers

Our clients include the Ministry of Defence, the Efteling, Damen, Audi, the Province of Noord-Holland and many more

Our values

At Solico, we believe in adding value by being: 

  • Committed 
  • Independent 
  • Fit for purpose


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Eric van Uden

Managing Director
Eric van Uden