Internship: Exploring Structural Efficiency in Small Craft Design

1. Title

Developing a tool to establish the most efficient structural design of small craft (complying with ISO12215-5).

2. Background

Solico Engineering has a significant amount of experience in providing builders with Structural Engineering packages. 
Principally, there are 3 hull structures:
- Sandwich with composite skins on a rigid core (like PVC-foam)
- Sandwich with composite skins on a soft core (like coremat of Soric)
- Single skin

Most influencing factors on the most efficient hull structure are:
- Length 
- Displacement
- Speed
- Location
- Panel size
- Availability of materials
- Availability of production methods
- Build quantity

This internship is set to develop a template, which will support us in obtaining a good baseline set-up. 

3. Company

Founded over 30 years ago, Solico Engineering is Benelux’s largest composite engineering company, and proudly supports market leading composites manufacturers across a broad spectrum of Maritime, Defence, Civil & Architecture and Industrial markets. Always independent, and focused on smart, fit for purpose design, we commit to add value to every project we engineer.

4. Interest of organisation

In 2022, Solico managed to develop 15 yachts. The tool that will be developed will enable Solico to establish structural lay-outs faster and more efficient, assuring more projects can be attracted in future.


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Carina Pereira

Management Assistant
Carina Pereira