Maeslant storm surge barrier

The Maeslant barrier has been fitted with new bearings, using composite materials, which have been developed by Rijkswaterstaat and Solico. These bearings combine a low friction coefficient with a very high load capacity. For this purpose, steel bearings are not strong enough. The use of composite bearings has proven to be highly efficient as this has led to time and cost savings in the maintenance activities.

High strength

In general, fiber reinforced plastics outperform metals (e.g. steel and aluminium) in strength.

Low maintenance

Steel structures typically require periodic maintenance such as conservation and paint systems to prevent corrosion. Composites are not susceptible to corrosion resulting in lower Life-cycle costs.

Cost effectiveness

Though composite materials themselves are slightly more expensive than metals, combining properties such as insulation and weight savings often results in a cost effective product.

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