Automotive Engineering Internship

Automotive Engineering Internship at Solico

1. Title

Define and globally design a composite concept of an Armoured Multi-Purpose Vehicle (AMPV) for the Dutch Army.

2. Background

In today’s market, all Dutch AMPV-type vehicles are relatively heavy steel designs. On the other hand, there are none composite AMPV’s produced in/for the Netherlands, which creates opportunities to design a new lightweight composite vehicle suited for fast, Multi-Purpose deployment. 

The project is a feasibility study to show and proof the benefits of a composite design of a lightweight AMPV-type vehicle, suited for the Dutch Army. This project will be divided in 2 internships: 
Automotive: Define and globally design a composite AMPV-type ‘’vehicle of the future’’.
Mechanical Engineering: Detailed verification of the created composite concept from the Automotive study and integrate weapons, doors, windows, Add-on armour, seats etc. 

Designing a composite vehicle will reduce weight and detectability, as a result, it is possible to enhance and optimise the 4 main requirements of a military vehicle:

  • Protection
  • Mobility
  • Firepower
  • Continuity

Figure 1: Benefits of composites

3. Company

Solico Engineering is BeNeLux's largest composite engineering company, and has been active in this line of work since 1989. Solico has provided composite engineering and manufacturing solutions of numerous clients in various sectors, such as: Defence, Maritime, Industrial and Architecture.

The project is conceived by a partnership between Solico and the Dutch DMO (Defence Material and Organisation). You will perform the assignment at Solico where you will get a workplace and the supervision of one of our engineers. DMO is the client and will take an advising role within the project. 

4. Interest of organisation

DMO and Solico are researching the feasibility of a new composite AMPV which can be designed and in the Netherlands, for the Dutch Land forces, to deliver a better and completer AMPV then current steel versions. 

5. Deliverables

  • Define ‘’Vehicle of the future’’  
    • Compare current vehicles that are in use by the Dutch Army and determine which vehicle or vehicle type will be the best for a composite design
    • Pros and cons of composite for the different vehicles
    • Define tasks and purposes of chosen vehicle type (can differ relative to original vehicle or vehicle type)
    • Example of the chosen vehicle could be the Fennek, see Figure 2
  • Package of requirements
  • Concept design(s)
    • Chassis and bodywork
    • Bodywork
    • Suspension and axles
    • Engine selection
    • Powertrain
    • Transmission
    • Steering system
  • Global 3D model (CAD)
  • Global Material/Component selections
  • Global calculations/estimates (FEA and/or analytical)
  • Weight estimation
  • Report

Figure 2: The Fennek of the Royal Netherlands Army


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